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The Academy for Superpowered Youth is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country, with a curriculum outstripping almost any other. To the general public, the school has a quiet presence and a reputation for taking in 'troubled' children and helping them find their path. However, the truth is far more interesting: its students are each "gifted" in one way or another with extraordinary abilities and super-human powers, and all attend the school to attain higher education while exploring their abilities in an understanding environment. With an extraordinary staff, the Academy stresses control, teamwork, and understanding the world around them. And if there's time for a few essays in between…


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All the Academy information.


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All the people involved in the Academy!

Season 15

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Academy: Class Reunion

Seasons 1, 2, & 3

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Academy Paragons

Seasons 4, 5, 6, & 7

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Academy: West vs. East

Seasons 8, 9, 10, & 11

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Academy: Awakened Earth

Seasons 12, 13, & 14

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The AcaD&D 5e TTRPG info can be found here!

Academy Narrative Trait System

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The PbtA TTRPG info can be found here!

Academy News

The Academy welcomes all returning alumni!

3rd Gen 'Servitors' now available

Kyrie & Volant's new endorsement among highest in history

Vigilante "Lone Star" suspected in bombing

Our stuff was sold elsewhere, they don't care

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Getting Started? We're here to help!

Check out the Student Handbook for links to understanding the character creation rules, as well as how we adapt other systems into our own! For those familiar with RPG systems, check out the following links for more information on the various options!

And don't forget the Academy's World!

There is a broad array of locations and settings around the world just waiting to be explored! Consider the many forgotten or lost cities throughout history and in folklore - Atlantis, the Ever After, and more! While you're thinking about fantasy, remember the modern world around you as well! Old buildings, haunted houses, and strange anomalous properties abound, many with rich histories waiting to be uncovered!


All this and more awaits you, so join us!


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